The largest gathering of Austin Sevens in the UK

The date for the 2018 Beaulieu Rally has now been confirmed as the weekend of 30th June/1st July. Entry forms are now available to download HERE.
The Club's 55th National Austin Seven Rally was held on Sunday 2nd July 2017 at Beaulieu, featuring in excess of 200 cars and 600 people, with a special feature on 'Jewels in the Crown' Sevens. A list of winners can be found below.
Class Trophy Entrant Car Registration
A (open showroom)  Austin Cup David Walters BF 6057
B (closed showroom) Montagu Cup n/a n/a
C (coachbuilt) Ashwell Rose Bowl Timothy Payne PX 8421
D (Swallow) Swallow Cup David Fulton LJ 3071
E (Gordon England) Gordon England Trophy Derek Brown SV 6557
F (open scuttle) Bob Watson Bowl Jeffrey Blight NY 8631
G (open front headlights) Pat Thornton Memorial Trophy Rob Bone VG 1147
H (top hat) Sue Peckham Cup Russell Curtis CC 7419
I (closed long scuttle) Autosport Cup Roger Harvey NH 9340
Ja (closed long scuttle) Dave Keveran Orb Mike Mathews MY 5238
Jb (open chrome rad four seat) Mike Brigg Trophy Karen Witton

HU 1553

K (closed short scuttle) John Pitchers Trophy Alan Osborne PJ 2516
L (closed chrome rad four speed) Pat Thornton Trophy n/a n/a
M (closed chrome rad four speed) Bruno Studley Memorial George Mooney HA 9643
N (open painted rad) Peter Boulton Cup John & Janet Stone RFO 885
O (open Ruby) RH Specialist Insurance Chalice Hector MacLean JN 4864
Q (commercials & military) Solent Trophy n/a n/a
R (factory sports) Freddie Henry Memorial Trophy John Rennie 510 YUM
S (specials) John Parker Memeorial Trophy S12 NJ 2876
T (racing specials) Dave Simpson Trophy Olly Sanders n/a
U (unrestored) Rover Trophy n/a n/a
V (Big Seven) Jack Marshall Trophy n/a n/a
W (foreign) Esso Trophy Derek Sheldon BF 7780
X (replica Ulster) President's Trophy Ruth Pooley OT 8683
Y (pre-1973 Austin) Bill Boddy Trophy Paul Stainer CJ 7730
Z (pre-1973 others) Leyland Cars Trophy Colin Grundy WON 184J
AT1 Highest Placed - BL Heritage Trophy n/a n/a
AT2 Runner-Up In Largest Class - W Goddard Cup Mark Nutbeen AWN 487
AT3 Best New Restoration - Seven Workshop Trophy Michael Tarry DHN 964
AT4 Best Work-In-Progress - Edroff Progress Plate Derek Sheldon BF 7780
AT5 Most Interesting Car - Cooke's Cauldron Valerie Brookes UL 5219
AT6 Long Haul - Peter Baker Trophy Tony Hudson TM 3983
AT7 Longest Ownership - Joan Cox Trophy Rob Bone VG 1147
AT8 Best Sports - Chris Gould Trophy n/a n/a
AT9 Best Foreign-Entered Car - BMW Trophy n/a n/a
AT10 Individual Driving - Frank Anderson Shield Richard Dupre BMX 754
AT11 Team Driving - Dave Reilly Shield Cambridge A7C  
AT12 Best Contribution To Rally - Beaulieu 50th Plate Richard & Susan Perkins