330 Challenge 2017

BMW 330 Challenge

Descriptions, regulations and registration for the BMW 330 Challenge

Sponsored by MTEC Brakes
Sponsored by MTEC Brakes

MTEC Brakes BMW 330 Challenge Series

A one-make series for the E46 BMW 330ci, with standardised parts to allow great value, 260bhp RWD racing. Donor cars cost as little as £1000 and with just £2715 of mandatory parts (plus safety gear), eligible cars can be DiY built from as little as £6000.


Standard BMW E46 330ci 'M54B30' straight-six. Power is capped at 260bhp (flywheel on a MAHA dyno), with scrutineering spot checks to ensure compliance and prevent undue costs.


330 Challenge-spec GAZ Shocks inverted monotube coilovers.


Standard BMW 330ci calipers and discs, pad choice is free.


Standard BMW 5-speed manual transmission, optional Quaife ATB limited-slip differential.


Any MSA List 1A, 1B or 1C tyre for 2017, in choice of 235/45/17 or 225/45/17 sizes.


Some external modifications are permitted, and interior lightening is permitted to achieve the 1300kg minimim weight with driver, post-race.


The 330 Challenge will have 12 rounds in 2017 run across six double-header weekends, mostly shared with the Super Cooper Cup to ensure large grids of evenly-matched racing.