MX-5 2017

5Club MX-5 Cup

Descriptions, regulations and registration for the 5 Club Racing MX5 Cup.

The 5Club Racing MX-5 Cup Championship

From the original architect of MX-5 racing in Europe, a tightly controlled one make series for the Mk1 Mazda MX-5 ('89 – '97 B6 1.6l 16v engine). This race championship puts the focus on driver ability to be both fun and superb value. Many successful drivers have used the formula to hone their skills before moving onto win other championships. Regulation compliant race cars can be bought or built for around £4,000.


The only permitted engine is the standard 1.6 16v B6, all internal engine parts must be standard, 0.5mm rebore is permitted. Compression ratio of 11:1 permitted. Standard ECU and injectors.


GAZ Gold or Meister R NA/NB proR coilovers. Spring rates and suspension bushes are free.


5Club welcomes new tyre supplier Davanti for the 2017 season.


Discs may be standard or standard pattern must be of standard diameter, Mk1 1.6 brake callipers must be used.


Standard Mk1/2 gearbox must be used. A quick shift gear change is permitted. Standard gearbox ratios must be retained. The standard Mazda MX-5 Mk1 LSD may be used.