Stock hatch

Stock Hatch

Descriptions, regulations and registration for the Stock Hatch Formulae.

The Demon Tweeks | Yokohama Stock Hatch Championship

For 'Hatchbacks', available for sale in the UK. Up to 1400cc multi-valve and up to 1600cc two-valve-per-cylinder. New in 2008 was the 1600cc 16v Citroen C2 VTS. There is a minimum weight including driver; the winning cars are ballasted.


The original engine may be rebored by up to + 0.5mm. No modifications are allowed. ‘Blue-printing’ is as far as you can go.


Standard configuration and pick-up points; springs may be uprated and lowered. No ‘rose-joints’ or ‘rod-ends’; only single-adjustable dampers; standard anti-roll bars.


Standard discs and drums, no cross-drilling or grooving; no ABS unless standard; friction material is free.


Standard gearbox and ratios and final drive for the model must be used. No LSD or similar; no traction control.


Control tyre is the Yokohama AO48R. Rim width and diameter must be standard for the model.


For the 2016 season, Stock Hatch has 14 rounds, all of which are 'double-headers' either on one day, or spread over a weekend.

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