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Frontal Head Restraint (FHR) Guidelines

MSA Guidance Sheet on FHRs

FIA Approved FHR Systems

FIA Advanced Helmets

FIA Premium Helmets

FIA FHR Compatible Helmets

A wide range of FHR systems and helmets are available from Demon Tweeks, where 750 Motor Club members also receive a 10% discount.

Transponder Guidelines

It is the competitor's responsibility to equip their car with a fully working transponder, and this must be fitted in a suitable position. The regulations for 750 Motor Club series and championships previously stated that the required transponder is the AMB TranX 260, a unit available either hard-wired or rechargeable. These are no longer available new and normally cost around £200-£275 secondhand. The 260 has been superseded by the MyLaps X2 (also now included in 750MC regulations), but the 750MC timing system will recognise both options. The X2 is a subscription-based transponder that needs to be re-activated for each meeting - you can find full details on the MyLaps website.
The 750 Motor Club does have a limited amount of transponders to hire at each race meeting, however please be reminded that failure to return one may result in the offending competitor not being timed at the following meeting.

Race Meeting Procedure

Your first meeting might seem like a daunting affair in terms of paperwork and procedure, but we're here to help. As a general guide, the following will apply to all 750 Motor Club meetings:
- Around one week before each race weekend, you will receive your final instructions (universally referred to as 'finals') through the post. These will also be linked to download from one of the home page banners on the 750MC website. These detail the arrangements for the weekend, paddock plans (such as where entrants in your formula should park), race day schedules (sign-on, scrutineering, qualifying and race times) and details on briefings required. For your first time racing at each circuit, there is also a 'new to circuit' drivers' briefing - read your finals in full and make yourself aware of where you need to go.
- Don't forget your race licence at signing on, where you will be presented with a scrutineering slip. Take this along with your car and safety equipment to your scrutineering session (the location of which will be marked in the finals). Once approved, your scrutineering ticket needs to be fixed inside your car and clearly visible through (or fixed to the inside of) a side or rear side window. This will be checked before you are allowed out on circuit to qualify, and a noise test will typically be carried out around the same time as you head into the assembly area. Listen for tannoy announcements and keep an eye on fellow competitors, as race meetings aim to run ahead of the marked timetable wherever possible.
- Details on race number sticker positions will be given in your regulations, and don't forget that a novice cross on the rear is required at first. These are the competitor's responsibility in advance, however formula sponsor stickers will usually be given out at sign-on for the first round of each season, and need to be applied before scrutineering.
- Licence upgrade cards should be left at sign-on and collected at the end of race day.
- Included with your final instructions will also be entry tickets for the circuit, and one vehicle paddock pass (for your support/tow car) that needs to be displayed at all times. The number of entry tickets may vary depending on the circuit, but is usually three or four per competitor. Extra tickets for spectators can be purchased on the gate, or often in advance via the respective circuit.
- As a general rule, access to a circuit is allowed from the early evening of the night before your race. Entry on a Friday night for a Sunday race is usually permitted with tickets, however it may be that your paddock formula space is reserved for another series/championship on the Saturday, so you may need to temporarily stay in an outer paddock until it is available on Saturday.
- It is usually the case that testing is available on the Friday before a race meeting. Although there are exceptions, this is usually arranged to coincide with 750MC meetings. Testing is booked directly with the circuit, and it is common for competitors to arrive on the Thursday night before testing and stay right through until Sunday for a double-header race weekend. Signing on is usually available on Friday afternoons and certainly worth doing if you are on site to cut down on race morning administration time.
- There are usually few limitations on staying in camper vans/tents around the paddock throughout race weekends, as long as the circuit's own rules are adhered to, with toilet/washroom facilities open throughout.
- If you have any other questions about what to do over the duration or procedure of a race weekend, then don't hesitate to get in touch with the Club for advice and assistance.


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