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The club was formed in 1939 as a means for Austin 7 enthusiasts to meet

History of the 750 Motor Club

Formed in 1939

The 750 Motor Club was formed in 1939 as a means for impecunious Austin 7 enthusiasts to meet each other and talk about things Seven-ish. It wasn't long before such discussions led to competitive rumblings, but for the financially challenged membership these naturally had to involve an extremely small outlay.

Such competition therefore took the form of road rallies and trials, although the 'specials' builder was already in evidence at circuit meetings.

The War Years

The outbreak of WWII bought all forms of motorsport to halt, but the club continued to meet at pubs in the London area, albeit with most of the membership arriving on bicycles.

History of the 750 Motor Club

After the war, the club continued to grow under the leadership of chairman Holly Birkett who, in 1949 was to come up with three ideas that were to have quite an influence on motorsport at the bottom end of the scale.

Early Racing Days

The first of these was that a consortium of the lesser motoring clubs should band together to organise a race meeting at Silverstone, which up until then was the sole preserve of the bigger and longer established clubs.

Thus was born the Eight Clubs Meeting. Secondly, Holly came up with the proposal of a 750 Formula, a two seater sports/racer powered by the 750cc Austin Seven engine and based around the Seven chassis. This provided an outlet for the skills of the home constructor and specials builder, and a number of what are now well known figures in international motorsport started life as club members.

History of the 750 Motor Club

Perhaps the most famous of these was Colin Chapman whose innovative interpretation of the regulations allowed him to blitz the opposition by "de-siamesing" the inlet ports of the Austin Seven engine!

The Relay Races

Holly's third idea was for a six-hour relay race. Nearly 50 years on and both races are still being run, and the 750 Formula still attracts the home constructor/racer but with power coming from the 850cc Reliant engine.

Other formulae have been developed over the years, but with the accent always being on Low Cost Motor Sport.

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