Highlights from Ken Cooks Eurotour report

Austin Seven Stories

Eurotour 12
'Alpine Amble'
To celebrate the 90th anniversary of the introduction of the Austin Seven, the North Herts Centre of the club organised a 1400 mile tour to Interlaken for Austin Sevens. It was the 6th similar event organised by the centre since 1989. 56 cars took part. All but 12 of these cars were Austin Sevens.
 The tour crossed France with stops at Arras, St. Dizier, Bessancon and over the Alps to Interlaken where there was a 3 day break. The return route embraced stops at Thonon les Bains, Beaune, Troyes, Amiens to Coquelles where there was a superb dinner to celebrate a successful event. Only one Seven failed to make the finish under it's own power which signalled a toast to 'Herbert Austin' and his baby, the Austin Seven'.   

Below are some highlights of the tour: