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Mentors Register

The Mentors' Register is a service to all Austin 7 owners.

Organised by the 750 Motor Club Austin Seven Activities Committee

The enjoyment of owning an Austin Seven comes from its relatively low purchase cost, simplicity of use, ease of obtaining spares, and the friendship of fellow owners but some people may not have an easy way of finding out what A7 owning entails – and what needs doing once you have got one. For the new A7 owner it can sometimes be difficult to find people ‘in the know’ and to feel comfortable asking them questions. ‘What type of oil do I put in the gearbox?’ ‘How do I set up the igniton timing?’ ‘Where can I buy tyres?’ ‘Why is there blue smoke coming out of the exhaust?’

The Mentors’ Register is a service to all Austin Seven owners, whether or not they are members of the 750MC. Its purpose is to provide easy access to information about all types of Austin Sevens and is particularly aimed at prospective, new or inexperienced owners seeking help with any aspect of owning and running these vehicles. Of course, more experienced owners can also pick the brains of our mentors.

The A7 enthusiasts on the Register between them have a huge range of knowledge and experience in running, restoring and maintaining Austin 7’s of all ages and are willing to freely assist others with advice and guidance. Contact may be made through email or by telephone.

We must state that those acting on the advice of a mentor do so at their own risk and that the individuals on the register, and they or the 750 MC, will accept no liability for any loss or damage resulting from such advice.

The Austin Seven Mentors Register can be accessed here.

Questions about the Register or further information may be obtained from Nick Salmon: