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Austin 7 Regulations


1. The Championship to run from January 1st, to November 30th. It is to be competed for at nominated 750 Motor Club events.

2. The Championship will be awarded to the 750 Motor Club member owning the Austin Seven vehicle, which gains most points from any eight of the nominated events. Points will be awarded as shown below and without influencing the standing organisation of the nominated events.

Event winner where the entry is divided into more than one class -11 points.
Class winner or winner of single class event -10 points.
Class second or second in the single class event - 9 points.
Class third or third in single class event - 8 points.
Class fourth or fourth in single class event - 7 points.
Take part in event - vehicle must arrive at event - 6 points.

If an event has less than 6 competitors 'attendance points' only will be awarded.

For events that take place over a period of more than one day an additional point (max. 6) will be scored for the second and each successive day of the member's participation.

Organisers of events and marshals who bring their Austin Sevens or qualifying vehicle to an event shall be awarded 'attendance points'.

For an Austin Seven winning points in more than one category at an event, only the highest individual score will count towards the Championship.

3. 'Challenge Plates' will be awarded for the Austin Seven Championship as follows:

  • Championship Challenge Plate - outright winner.
  • Bert Newman Plate - runner-up.
  • Newman Motors Plate - third place.

These will be presented in accordance with the winner's preference at a Centre/Group meeting, the Club's AGM or the Club's Dinner-Dance & Presentation of Awards in January/February, and will be held for 11 months.

In addition certificates will be given to all members who gain points in six or more Championship events.
(In the event of a tie at the head of the Championship table, the Championship will be decided on the best 9 results. If the result is still a tie then the best 10 results will be considered and so on).

4. Ladies Award There will also be a trophy for the lady member gaining the highest number of points in the Championship.

5. Vintage Award For the 750 member owning a qualifying vehicle, not Austin Seven or Austin Seven derivative, that gains the most points from any eight Championship events which have classes for or receive entries from such vehicles. The winner will receive The Vintage Award. In the event of a tie in this competition then it will be decided from the best 9 results. If the result is still a tie, the best 10 results will be considered and so on.

6. Also Ran Award will be made to the member attending the greatest number of events, but not winning any other award. In the event of a tie the member with the greatest number of points shall win.

7. The Championship is intended for vehicles and members together. A member may have as many vehicles as he or she wishes in the Championship but points gained by one vehicle are not transferable to another. Where a vehicle is entered, or in the case of driving events, driven by a person other than the owner, points will go to the driver providing he or she is a 750 Motor Club member.

8. Points will only be awarded to vehicles entered by 750 Motor Club members. In the event of a non-member being placed then no Championship points will be awarded for that place in the event. To qualify for awards members' vehicles must display a 750 Motor Club badge, sticker or decal in a prominent position on the vehicle. Event secretaries are to note whether members' vehicles are wearing badges when reporting event results.

9. Organisers of nominated events in which Championship points can be won must advise the Championship Co-ordinator by November 1st for publication in the following January 750 Bulletin and also declare clearly that it is a Championship event in any entry forms/regulations, etc. Subsequent additions to the list of Championship events must, with the approval of the 750 Motor Club Austin Seven Sub-Committee, be published in the 750 Bulletin two months in advance of the event date.

10. Event secretaries must provide the Championship Co-ordinator with a list of entrants/drivers and registration numbers of vehicles attending as well as overall and class placing, down to fourth where applicable, as soon as possible after the event and certainly by November 30th.

Summary of the awards

The following awards will be contested:

  • 1. Championship Challenge Plate - outright winner.
  • 2. Bert Newman Plate - runner up.
  • 3. Newman Motors Plate - third.
  • 4. Ladles Award - best placed lady in the Championship.
  • 5. Vintage Award - highest placed member with recognised vehicle other than an Austin Seven.
  • 6. Also-Ran Award - member attending highest number of events and not winning another award.

A replica trophy will be presented to each award winner for them to keep.