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116 Trophy 2022

116 Trophy


The GAZ Shocks 116 Trophy is a unique one make budget endurance racing series, using the popular and ultra-affordable 'Mk1' (E87).BMW 1 Series.

1.6i N45 '116i' models produced from 2004-2006. There is a replacement sports exhaust/catalyst and ECU re-flash, but the engine remains otherwise standard.

The 116 Trophy uses a control coilover damper kit from GAZ Shocks, adjustable at the rear only for equality, simplicity, budget and to reduce complication for newcomers. The kit is priced at just £600 plus VAT, delivery and adjustable billet front top mounts to registered drivers.

Brakes remain standard, but pad choice is free. Discount deals are available to registered drivers.

Only five-speed manual variants are permitted, and the dual mass flywheel may be replaced by one of two single mass options if desired.

All cars will run on Nankang control tyres, priced at just £260 for a full set.

There is a mandatory 'control' roll cage for the 116 Trophy, priced at £1000.

There are seven 90-minute races in the core 2022 season calendar.

750 Motor Club membership is just £25 for 12 months, season registration is £125 per driver, and 2022 race entry fees will average at around £550 per team across the 90 minute races at different venues. Roadgoing donor cars are available secondhand from just £1000, and the total cost of mandatory parts is less than £3000. Complete 'Arrive & Drive' packages are available from very competitive rates for those who would rather not own and run their own car.


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