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AFRC 377

Armed Forces Race Challenge

The Armed Forces Race Challenge (AFRC) has been developed to bring together four-wheeled motor racers from all across the Armed Forces. The challenge allows a level playing field of competition irrespective of car performance by awarding consistency during races, so the focus remains on the driver rather than the machinery.

The AFRC is run solely by volunteers on behalf of the Service Competition Secretaries for Motor Racing.  The initiative behind the series is that anyone can be competitive regardless of their experience and outright pace.

The series aims to bring together as many Armed Forces competitors at the same race meeting, and as many as possible on the same grid.  The races will be 40 minutes in length and a one-minute pit stop is compulsory to allow a change of drivers (if required).  Two competitors can also share the race using two cars in relay format.

AFRC does not restrict competitors to attending the core events, once registered a competitor may compete anywhere and submit their results sheet for inclusion into the results (this is penalised slightly to encourage AFRC support).

For regulations and registration details, please click here  to go to the AFRC website.

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