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Bernie's V8's

Bernie's V8's

This V8 Series is for enthusiasts who want the old school thrill of racing with the added bonus of collecting awards and prizes...

The original idea behind Bernie starting the V8 Series as a cooperative was to get racing costs down to a level last seen many years ago.

Old time racers have stopped racing or race at fewer events as the costs have risen drastically. Entry fees, fuel, tyres and general costs have gone to an unacceptable level. By buying the race from track owners and then splitting the costs, we have managed to reduce fees by as much as 50% in some tracks.

We charge £75.00 registration fee per year which covers tea/coffee, Danish pastries etc which can be had by all on both Saturday/Sunday. We also have a BBQ on the Saturday night for everybody as a social get together.

We do have several sponsors and instead of giving the organiser lump sums of money, we ask them to give £100.00 vouchers, which, are given out to lucky winners whose names are drawn from a hat. They can only win once, but at least they do not have to win to receive something. One of our sponsors is USA Cop Cars and Cabs, whose company, USA Cop Cars & Cabs, imports brand new Texas Black and White Police Cars. We will be using an all singing and dancing police car for our pace car!