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Bernie's V8s / SR & GT

Descriptions, regulations and registration

Bernie's V8s / SR & GT

"This has to be the best grid of cars ever..." said Motorsport Magazine in 2017, and we certainly agree.

The formula brings together the iconic grids of SR & GT Challenge and Bernie's V8s, with other sports and GT cars of a similar ilk. That means everything from a genuine ex-IMSA 240Z, to TVRs, replica GT40s, Cobras and Porsche 917s, not to mention feisty MGs and Ascars. Relaxed regulations ensures a home for most similar cars.

Class Structure

The Series will comprise cars from Bernie's V8s and the SR & GT Challenge, in addition to other eligible cars, and the class system will be as follows:

GT Cars and V8s

HM: Highly Modified

M: Modified

R: FIA/Roadgoing

SP: Other Sports and Sports Racing cars up to 2000cc


Engines are free (both manufacturer and type), but must remain in the original location. Dry sump lubrication systems are permitted, 'modern' electronic fuel injection is permitted.


The original silhouette is to be preserved, however bonnet scoops/vents, wider arches, deeper front air dams and fixed spoilers to period specification may be fitted. 'Over the top' rear wings are not permitted and drivers with rear wings may be advised by the organiser that they must be removed prior to participation. All cars must display the correct club stickers as supplied by the club upon registration.


Transmissions and differentials are free, sequential gearboxes are not permitted in any class.


Treaded/grooved tyres must be used, tyres must have at least four circumferential grooves. Slick tyres are not permitted in any class. Wet weather tyres are free.


All drivers must be a member of the 750 Motor Club and each car must be registered.


Awards are given at each round - 1st in each class.