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Sports Racing & V8s

"This has to be the best grid of cars ever..." (Motorsport Magazine, 2017)

Sports Racing & V8s is a series by invitation for enthusiasts who want value-for-money old-school racing. The series is open to original, reproduction and replica two-seater sports cars, GT, saloon and ‘muscle’ cars spanning the golden era of motorsport from the 1950s through to the early 1990s, the original model of which was built before 1st January 1995.
The series comprises cars which ran in the past with Bernie’s V8s or SR&GT and may be joined by cars like the MGB BCV8s, TVRs, Jaguars and from other invited clubs, all of whom must conform to the regulations of their club. 
All cars compete in the power-to-weight ratio classes (see regulations for full details):
Class A 400bhp per tonne and above
Class B 330 to 399bhp per tonne
Class C 260 to 329bhp per tonne
Class D 259bhp per tonne and below

Engines must be naturally aspirated, no traction control, no ABS or carbon brakes. Just old school sports and muscle cars, and no Seven-type cars. For advice on the eligibility of your car please get in touch.

The original silhouette is to be preserved, however bonnet scoops/vents, wider arches, deeper front air dams and fixed spoilers to period specification may be fitted. Rear wings, front splitters and rear diffusers are not permitted. Contact us for advice if necessary on eligibility. All cars must display the correct stickers as supplied by the club upon registration.

Transmissions and differentials are free, sequential gearboxes are not permitted in any class.

Dry tyres must be moulded treaded tyres. Slick tyres and cut click tyres are not permitted in any class as dry tyres but Hoosier Radial R7 tyres are accepted if they have four additional grooves cut around the entire circumference. Wet weather tyres are free.

All drivers must have valid 750 Motor Club membership (£25 for 12 months) and be registered with the Sports Racing & V8s Series - FREE for 2022.
The registration fee is waived for a ‘Trial’ round (excluding the American Speedfest event and Brands Hatch GP race). For more entry conditions please see full regulations in the 'Read More' link above. 

Awards are given at each round: - Overall Winner, 1st in Class, 2nd in Class with four starters and 3rd in Class with six starters. Cars in the invitation class are not eligible for winner's laurels or any Class trophies. Being a non-championship series of races, no points are awarded.

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