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BMW Car Club Racing Championship

BMW Car Club Racing (BMWCCR) is the go-to championship for all club-level BMW racing in the UK, backed by the BMW Car Club of Great Britain and run under 750 Motor Club since formation in 2018.


The championship is designed to cater for all four-cylinder, six-cylinder and differing levels of M-powered cars (now including turbocharged models), with tight regulations to ensure great value, well-balanced clean racing regardless of car specification. A well-supported family-friendly paddock within 750 Motor Club ensures that the weekend is as enjoyable off track as on.


M1 | M2 | 6 | 4 | Cup | Invitation

Power to weight ratios are capped, but also take into account powerbands and torque with different limits for forced induction and naturally aspirated engines. See full regulations linked in sub-pages. Cup class is for 325ti E46 Compact models with limited 'control' modifications, and Invitational is for guests/professionals/non-power tested cars.

Wheels & Tyres

Wheel sizes are limited per class, with different tyre types currently eligible. 


750 Motor Club racing membership is £95 for 12 months, season registration is £195, and entry fees are typically £395-£430 for a double header (1 x qualifying and 2 x 20min races). 


BMW Car Club Racing typically features 14 races across seven different circuits and events, most of which all take place on the same day to reduce overnight costs. 


For any enquiries, contact: Neil McDonald on 07767 688233


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