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Club Enduro Championship

Club Enduro offers all the challenges, satisfaction and enjoyment of endurance racing, but with a grid of production sports and saloon cars on a realistic budget.

Live Streaming - Continues for 2020!

Most UK rounds of The TEGIWA Club Enduro Championship will be live streamed on Facebook and YouTube by Alpha Live, with the Spa Francorchamps rounds also featuring a live streaming service. 

Team of the Day Vouchers and Driver Discount - Continues for 2020!

New title sponsors have awarded a generous £200 prize voucher to the Team/Driver of the day for each of the events across 2020,  which can be redeemed against their extensive online catalogue that includes everything from parts to lubricants, and Nankang tyres suitable for use in the championship.

All registered drivers are also eligible to receive 10% off products from TEGIWA. Read more HERE and see the Member Discount page (requires valid membership) for details of how to redeem the discount. 

A - 300bhp/tonne

B - 240bhp/tonne

C - 180bhp/tonne

I - Invitational (at organisers' discretion - Contact Us)

Power (measured at the flywheel) is measured as per MAHA Dynamometer calibration - a list of approved MAHA operators can be found in the regulations. Scrutineering spot checks will be carried out via the 750MC's own MAHA mobile rolling road. Weight is calculated without driver.

One or two drivers, running one car (relay teams can enter as Invitational), with refuelling as required in a three minute minimum mandatory pitstop.

Races are typically 120mins, usually with one longer 180min race per season. Three drivers can share a three hour race and remain competitive since there are two mandatory pitstops.

MSA list 1A/1B/1C only (no slicks permitted).

Club membership is just £25 for 12 months (per driver), season registration is £160 (per team), and entry fees (per team) are typically between £600 and £750 depending on the circuit and race length. Eligible cars are available secondhand from just £4500.


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