Historic Birkett Relay

Historic Birkett Relay

Descriptions, regulations and registration for the Historic Birkett Relay.

The Historic Birkett Relay Race!

Due to lower than expected entries for this event, the 2013 Historic Birkett has been cancelled.

Dating back to 1951, the Birkett relay race was the brainchild of one of the 750 Motor Club’s founder members – Holland "Holly" Birkett. Following his death the event was subsequently renamed in honour of the Club President. 2013 will represent the 62nd anniversary of the 6 hour race event and, just to confuse things, the 63rd Birkett event – the 50th anniversary was celebrated with an extra one–off 12 Hour Birkett race!

Historic racing cars in actionAs the years have gone by and racing cars have evolved, the speed differentials between the traditional vintage cars that formed the core of early Birkett races and today’s modern sports racing cars has grown considerably. As a result the 750 Motor Club will launch a Historic Birkett Relay Race, catering for pre-1974 cars with a special category for vintage racers. The race will be held on the challenging Snetterton 300 layout over a duration of 4 Hours, and teams of 2 to 6 cars/drivers are welcome.

The event is really two events in one. In addition to trying to win outright by recording the highest number of laps there is also a handicap classification, which in theory could be won by any of the teams. Each team, unless in scratch position, is credited with a certain number of credit laps, presumed to have been run before the race started. The results are then calculated from the credit laps and the actual laps covered by each team in the 4 hours to see who has beaten the rest…and the handicapper! In addition to overall scratch and handicap awards, there are a number of class prize to ensure all teams have a chance of silverware!

Class structure


Class Type
A VINTAGE CARS – all vehicles of pre-war origin
B Up to 1500cc – saloon, sports and GT cars, of origin before 1st January 1974
C Up to 2000cc – saloon, sports and GT cars, of origin before 1st January 1974
D Over 2000cc – saloon, sports and GT cars, and Sports Racing Cars (subject to approval) of origin before 1st January 1974



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