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M3 Cup

Descriptions, regulations and registration for the M3 Cup formula.

Tegiwa M3 Cup Championship

Now in its second year as a hotly-contested championship, the Tegiwa M3 Cup is a one-make formula for the BMW E46 M3. Setting a new standard for single make racing, the Cup offers the experience of GT racing at sensible costs, with limited modifications intended to keep the field close and highly competitive.


Cars must use the BMW S54 engine in standard 3246cc capacity, and all internals must be original or unmodified pattern S54 parts. No internal reworking save for skimming purely for reclamation purposes. 


Standard gearbox and ratios must be retained, with either manual or SMG actuation. Single mass flywheel conversions are allowed as are aftermarket clutches, but single plate only. Standard differential must be used; all aftermarket versions are prohibited.


All cars must run with the Yellow Speed M3 Cup specification coilover damper and top-mount kit, available from Tegiwa. Anti-roll bars must be production BMW E46 M3 or optional Tegiwa. Bushes can be replaced with polyurethane materials, rose joints and spherical bearings are prohibited other than those supplied with the mandatory top mounts. Standard rear camber arms must be replaced with the Yellow Speed adjustable camber arms supplied with the Tegiwa M3 suspension kit.


All cars must run the mandatory Yellow Speed six-pot front brake calipers with 356mm Yellow Speed discs. Rear calipers must remain standard BMW and rear discs must be standard pattern and maximum diameter of 328mm. Front and rear pads are free. It is prohibited to modify or disable the ABS in any way.


All cars must use a Nankang control tyre in 265/35/18 size, bought from the designated M3 Cup supplier with respective markings.


There will be 14 rounds in the 2018 championship, all one-day double headers across seven weekends.


Club membership is just £25 for 12 months, season registration is £130, and double-header weekend entry fees (qualifying and 2 x 20min races) are typically between £275 and £375 depending on the circuit. Regulation compliant cars can be built for less than £15,000.