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Ma7da Championship

Ma7da is an offshoot of the eternally popular Locost Championship for Seven-esque kit cars, offering the same ultra-close slipstreaming race action, but with increased performance via a Mk2.5 Mazda MX-5 1.8 VVT engine and Toyo R888R tyres.


Ma7da accommodates drivers having stepped up from Locost, or newcomers looking for a formula that offers great racing with a tightly-controlled Seven-esque car platform, thanks to the reliability and affordability of a standard Ma7da powerplant combined with the value and unbeatable entry costs of a 750 Motor Club package.


A typical Locost can be ugraded by a DiY racer to use a reliable and affordable 1.8-litre VVT Mazda MX-5 'Mk2.5' engine and gearbox for little more than £000 including all parts and a secondhand engine and gearbox. 

‘Control’ Package Parts

Tubular 4-1 exhaust manifold - designed to fit standard Locost chassis
Catalytic converter - designed to fit to original Locost silencer
Fuel Pressure Regulator - to regulate power output (from KitSpares here)
Emerald standalone ECU & wideband lambda sensor - with locked control map (from 750MC shop here).

Foundation Programme

Looking to join with a brand new car plus all your first season costs and various extra bundled in for one great value price? Find out more about 750MC's Foundation Programme package for the Ma7da Championship.


The Ma7da Championship will typically feature 14 races across six race weekends, with a mixture of double or triple-header events to maximise value for money.


750 Motor Club membership is £30 for 12 months, season registration is £135, and race entry fees typically range from £320 - £390 depending on the circuit and whether double or triple-header


For all enquiries, contact: James at 750 Motor Club.
Formula Representitive: Ben Powney, contact via 
James at 750 Motor Club.




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