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Descriptions, regulations and registration for the Roadsports formula.

The Cartek Roadsports Series

CARTEK Roadsports is a mini-endurance series for production sports and saloon cars. Roadsports is designed to offer competitors a great deal of freedom in tuning a performance sports or saloon car, whilst at the same time providing a framework to ensure the racing remains cost effective.

Production cars will be in four classes by (flywheel) power to weight (without driver)

A - Super GT - 300bhp/tonne

B - GT - 240bhp/tonne

C - Supersport - 180bhp/tonne

D - Sport - 145bhp/tonne

Engine power is at the flywheel as measured on a MAHA rolling road. Spot checks will be carried out via the 750MC's own mobile MAHA unit, and competitors near class boundaries are urged to check outputs in advance via a local MAHA operator.

Races are 45 minutes plus 1 lap with a compulsory pit stop, and optional driver / car change. Qualifying is a 25 minute session.

Race entry fees typically start from just £250.

Entries may comprise of either:

1 - Single driver in one car
2 - Two drivers sharing one car
3 - Two drivers with two cars running in a relay team

Pit stops may be taken between the 15th minute and 30th minute of the race duration. During the pit stop the car must remain stationary for a minimum of one minute - refuelling is not permitted. For drivers competing in a relay team the second car may leave the pits after the first car in the team has spent one minute stationary in the pit lane.


Free, but must use the original pick-up points which may not be modified. Springs and dampers are free.


Gearboxes must be a standard production unit from the relevant manufacturer and remain in their original location and orientation. Sequential gearboxes are not permitted.

Induction Systems

Induction systems are free. Forced induction may be added to naturally aspirated engines.


Brake calipers, disks and pads are free. ABS where fitted may be disabled or removed. Cars not originally fitted with ABS may be retrofitted with the ABS system from the same model only.


Any MSA List 1A, 1B or 1C tyre is permitted. Diameter, width and aspect ratio are free.


There are six rounds in the 2018 season. Competitors may also wish to consider running in the 750 Motor Club's longer Club Enduro race series as well, which now runs the same power to weight classes as Roadsports.


Club membership is just £25 for 12 months (per driver), season registration is £85 (per team), and race entry fees (per team) are typically between £245 and £345 depending on the circuit. Eligible cars can be bought or built from just £4000.

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