Sports Racing & GT Challenge


Descriptions, regulations and registration for the SR&GT Formulae.

SR & GT Formulae

The Sports Racing and GT Challenge is for Pre 1976 Original or Replica Sports and GT cars and consequently welcomes a wide variety of models and manufacturers. Such diversity ensures attractive grids and great entertainment for spectators and competitors alike, but also value for money racing at circuits across the UK.

There is nothing worse than complicated technical regulations which become difficult to control and can be de-motivating for competitors, therefore one of our main aims is to keep the Challenge technical regulations as simple as possible. For example, engine tuning is virtually free with the exception of forced induction (turbocharging, supercharging), as more power is acquired then the only change is to the class in which you are racing. Body work is maintained as near as possible to the manufacturer's original specification, to maintain the feel and look of the Challenge. The main restriction is on tyres and although there is no control tyre, they must be in either List 1A or 1B in the MSA Blue Book or Historic "L" or "M" section i.e. no slicks or special wet tyres.

The Challenge is based on a power to weight formula which means that whilst cars with large differences in performance can be part of the same grid, each races against cars of similar performance. This is what provides the entertainment as mighty 600+bhp Cobras, GT40's and Lister Chevrolets compete on the same track as Porsche, Jaguar C,D and E types with smaller lightweight Lotus 11's, 23's and Elans, Crossles, Ginettas and many other recognised historic sports cars, often with surprising results!

The Class bands are calculated from the net weight of car divided by BHP at the flywheel:


A 1.8 - 2.25 kgs/hp
B 2.26 - 3.25 kgs/hp
C 3.26 - 3.99 kgs/hp
D over 400 kgs/hp