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Type R Trophy

Type R Trophy uses the standard Honda K20 engine without unnecessary tuning. Modifications are limited to just induction, exhaust and a sump baffle, the cars are power tested on 750MC's own mobile rolling road and the ECUs are sealed to prevent undue development and associated costs. 

All cars use afdfordable but high quality Yellow Speed racing premium coilovers. All cars must use a bolt-in Safety Devices roll cage.

Only brake pad upgrades are permitted. 

Standard gearbox with a maintenance-free MFactory helical limited-slip differential. 

Affordable Nankang AR-1 control tyres.

2019 will see 12 rounds split across six race weekends for the first season; expected to be 14 rounds across seven weekends from 2020 onwards.

Club membership is just £25 for 12 months, season registration is £85, and double-header weekend entry fees (qualifying and 2 x 15min races) are typically between £245 and £345 depending on the circuit. The concise list of controlled build parts mean that eligible cars can realistically be built from around £5000.

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