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PRESS RELEASE - MERLIN - a new 750 Trophy Race Car from Racekits

Mon 05 Aug 2013

MERLIN - a new 750 Trophy Race Car from Racekits
Merlin a new self-build racing car designed for the 750 Trophy Series, of the 750 Motor Club, is announced by Racekits. This is in addition to their successful 750 Formula Falcon racing car. This is offered as the original historic cars are in short supply for this popular low cost series. Kits supplied now could be racing in 2014 season.
Racekits who are already well known for their Falcon 750 Formula self-build cars are now offering Merlin a 750 Trophy car. This will be fully compliant to the regulations and eligible to race in the Trophy series. The car will have the correct look of the pre-1973 cars already racing and will have similar chassis parts and engines. All the components used for the suspension and running gear are of readily available classic car parts.
The 750 Trophy Series with the 750 Motor Club is a probably the lowest cost race series that uses purpose built race cars giving that real race car handling. Engines are mainly Reliant 850cc OHV units with the 750 Coventry Climax as an option.
Being a self-build kit, the owner can do as much or a little as they wish. Racekits will build cars to any stage of their construction with pro rata costs and supply the remainder for self-build. Alternatively they can build a full turnkey version for those without the time to self-build.
Key dimensions will be Wheelbase 80 inches, Track 48 inches Weight 300-350kgs estimated. A complete kit price at £3,050 to a full build cost: £5,220– 9,500.
Turn Key Cars from £8,000 (with basic engine and standard gearbox).
EDITORS NOTES. The accompanying photograph is of two of the current cars both Centaurs which the Merlin will resemble quite closely. These cars are equipped with the 850 Reliant engines. The Silverstone National circuit lap record for the 750 Trophy stands at 1:14:12 or 79.61 mph.