Bikesports 2017_2


Descriptions, regulations and registration for the Bikesports formula.

Aim Technologies Bikesports Championship

The Aim Technologies Bikesports Championship is for sports racing cars powered by motorbike engines. Typically, chassis used in the championship are from recognised manufacturers such as ADR, Radical, Speads and Spire Sportscars but individually designed and enthusiast built cars are also welcome. Both central seat and traditional two seater designs are welcome and with slick tyres, tuned engines and wings permitted, lap times are some of the fastest seen anywhere in club motorsport.


A Cars using 'tuned' Hayabusa engines up to 1500cc 660kgs
  If sub-1340cc 590kg
B Cars using 'production' Hayabusa engines up to 1500cc 660Kgs
  If sub-1340cc 590kg
C Cars using engines of less than 1100cc capacity 530Kgs


Any naturally-aspirated series-production four-stroke motorcycle engine may be used. Forced induction is not permitted.


The gearbox must remain as part of the bike engine within the engine casing arrangement as per the bike manufacturer's standard configuration.

Wheels & Tyres

Wheels and tyres are free.


There are 14 rounds in the 2017 season, spread across seven double-header race weekends. Each weekend consists of one 20 minute qualifying season and two 18 minute plus one lap races.