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Descriptions, regulations and registration for the Royal Purple Hot Hatch Series.

Sponsored by Royal Purple
Sponsored by Royal Purple

The Royal Purple Hot Hatch Championship

The Royal Purple Hot Hatch Championship is the 750 Motor Club's formula for modified hatchbacks. Cars are divided into three classes by power to weight, with Class A, B and C at 260bhp/ton, 200bhp/ton and 145bhp/ton respectively. Forced induction and 4WD is not permitted.


Any production engine originally made by the manufacturer in question. Modifications to head and block are free, but must be based on standard parts, and engine power (rated at the flywheel) must be declared at the time of registration.


Standard configuration and pick-up points must be used, dampers and springs are free. Electronically adjustable suspension is not permitted, nor should it be possible for for the driver to make any geometry changes whilst seated in the cockpit.


Class C must retain standard brake calipers, Classes A and B are free with the exception of carbon discs not being permitted.


4WD is not permitted, but cars may be front or rear-wheel-drive. Gearboxes and differentials are free for Class A, sequential gearboxes are excluded from Class B, and Class C cars must run the standard production unit in its original location and orientation.


Any MSA List 1A, 1B or 1C tyre is permitted. Size is free, but tyres must be to MoT standards in all respects.


Hot Hatch has 14 rounds; all will be ‘double-headers’ either on one day, or spread over a weekend.