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Descriptions, regulations and registration for the Disklok RGB Championship

The Disklok RGB Championship

Created in 2001, the Disklok RGB Championship is for two-seater sports-racing cars powered by one-litre four-stroke motorbike engines. The 'RGB' name can be traced to when the formula was strictly for 'Road-Going Bike-engined' cars, and although MOT eligibility is no longer required, regulations ensure that the formula's low running cost ethos is maintained. Entries can be ‘one-off’ designs, kit cars or converted Sport Specials, and two classes exist to cater for different layouts.



F - Front-engined cars up to 1000cc. 
R - Rear or mid-engined cars up to 1000cc.


Four-stroke motorcycle engines from Honda or Kawasaki (pre-2010), Suzuki or Yamaha (pre-2009). Two-stroke designs, multi-engine and forced induction are not permitted. Engines and their ECUs must remain entirely standard and unmodified, but dry sump lubrication and exhaust system are free.


Suspension design and system is free, although ‘active’ suspension is not permitted.


Braking system is free, with the exception of ABS and carbon-fibre discs.


The gearbox and its ratios must be standard for the engine with a maximum of six forward speeds; there must also be a system of reverse which will drive the car and driver a distance of three metres and pass one of the wheels over a block 40mm square.


All cars use an Yokohama A048R control tyre.


There are 14 rounds in the 2016 season across seven 'double-header' race weekends, of which the best 12 count for the championship.