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Descriptions, regulations and registration for the Disklok RGB Championship

The Disklok RGB Championship

Created in 2001, the Disklok RGB Championship is a development formula for two-seater sports-racing cars powered by one-litre four-stroke motorbike engines. The 'RGB' name can be traced to when the formula was strictly for 'Road-Going Bike-engined' cars, and although MOT eligibility is no longer required, stable regulations ensure that the formula's low running cost ethos is maintained. Entries can be ‘one-off’ designs, kit cars or converted Sport Specials, and two classes exist to cater for different layouts.



F Front-engined two-seater cars up to 1000cc. 
R Rear or mid-engined two-seater cars up to 1000cc.


Four-stroke motorcycle engines from Honda or Kawasaki (pre-2010), Suzuki or Yamaha (pre-2009). Two-stroke designs, multi-engine and forced induction are not permitted. Engines and their ECUs must remain entirely standard and unmodified, but dry sump lubrication and exhaust/induction systems are free.


Suspension design and system is free, although ‘active’ suspension is not permitted.


Braking system is free, with the exception of ABS and carbon-fibre discs.


RGB is predominantly a mechanical grip formula, so wings are not permitted and aerodynamic development is tightly controlled, however there is plenty of scope for the amateur to develop their own car - often from scratch.


The gearbox and its ratios must be standard for the engine with a maximum of six forward speeds; there must also be a system of reverse which will drive the car and driver a distance of three metres and pass one of the wheels over a block 40mm square.


All cars use an Yokohama A048R control tyre.


There are 14 rounds in the 2017 season across seven 'double-header' race weekends, of which the best 12 count for the championship.