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Citroen Saxo Vtr Race Car – 750Mc Hot Hatch / Tin Tops / Tricolore Trophy / Castle Combe Hot Hatch Series

Thu 02 Nov 2017

Name: Phil Law

Email: phil@phil-law.co.uk


Location: Swindon

Price: £5200 no offers

Citroen Saxo VTR race car, as raced my me in the 2017 Hot Hatch Championship in Class C, and also the Stock Hatch Championship in 2016.

Of all races finished, this car has only been off the podium twice this year, and 3 times last year. It’s given me 4 outright race wins in Stock Hatch 2016 and I think even more fastest laps, as well as 2nds and 3rds. This year in Hot Hatch it has picked up a couple of 2nds and numerous 3rd places despite still being mostly stock hatch specification with plenty of scope within the regulations to boost performance if you want to.

To say I want to sell this car is a bit like saying I’d like someone to shoot me in the head at point blank range; I really don’t. But that said, I won’t be racing in 2018 as I need to free up time at the weekends to achieve other things in life. So it’s with more sadness than I can express that I’m putting the car up for sale.

Please note the car is quick and because of that it has seen a lot of action in its time. If you’re after a perfect shell and immaculate car, then this car isn’t for you. You’re better off buying a mint backmarker in that case and then spending the time and money to make it fast. But if you want a fast car and some success in motor racing, here’s your chance.

I’m also happy to do a track day with you (at your expense) to prove the car and also advise on set-up and how to get the best out of it if you wish.

Buying this car was the best decision I ever made in motorsport, and if you buy it too, I hope you’ll find the same.

Main Specification:
• NEW for 2017: Race engine by TBR, developing 129BHP at the flywheel on a MAHA championship nominated rolling road.
• NEW Corbeau Evolution Race Seat for Cadwell Park this year, only 4 meetings old!
• NEW Rear calipers for 2017. Fronts were new from mid-2016.
• NEW race battery, has only done one meeting!
• NEW front braided brake lines for 2017.
• NEW Discs and pads for penultimate round of 2017
• NEW Driveshafts for 2017
• NEW Front ball joints for 217
• 2.25lr Extinguisher valid until mid-2017
• 20L Race fuel tank 20L accessible from the boot.
• OMEX 600 ECU, mapped by Tom Bell and Rob Drake of TBR.
• Full bespoke Simpson exhaust from downpipe to silencer with motorsport cat.
• Custom Cages Roll cage with additional suspension turret mounts.
• AST single adjustable suspension front and rear with built in negative camber (at a guess, 2.5 degrees). Race springs on front and race torsion bars on rear. The fronts and rears were newly serviced and balanced for 2017. The rears were re-serviced mid-2017.
• DigiDash Electronic Display and datalogger included with Momo steering wheel which has 4 x buttons on it to access the dash quickly.
• 15-inch VTR alloy wheels with used Yokohama A050 Tyres.

Spares included with the sale:
• 1 x spare race engine, developing 124bhp (Dyno Dynamics Rolling Road), complete with clutch and alternator.
• 1 x standard mk1 vtr engine
• 2 x spare gearboxes.
• 1 x pair of driveshafts (new in box).
• 1 x alternator (fitted new in 2016)
• 4 x 15-inch alloy VTR wheels.
• 12 x 14 inch VTR alloy wheels fitted with Yokohama A048 Medium compound (various states of wear!)
• Plus any additional random spares I can find that I’m happy to throw in. Please treat those as a bonus, and not part of the sale!

What you need to go racing with this car in 2017:
• Harness. My-6 point Sparco is included with the sale, but the FIA certification becomes out of date end of 2017. It still remains fine for track day use, or if you prefer I will swap it for an in-date 4 point harness until 2019. Totally up to you.
• Motorsport timing transponder. Mine is not included in the sale. I’d like to come back some day!

If the car doesn't sell, I will just keep it.