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SS 377

Sport Specials Championship

Sponsored by Protech Shocks
Sponsored by Protech Shocks

Catering for genuine ‘production’ Sport Specials, Kit Cars, Caterhams and Westfields as well as 'one-off’ road-going two-seater specials, all using production car engines with modifications.

There are two classes divided by power-to-weight, plus a third class for MEV vehicles.

Type of suspension both front and rear including springing medium and pick up points is free. Dampers are free. Rose joints may be used.

Four/six-pot calipers allowed depending upon class. No ABS.

Gearbox and diff must be from a production car. Close ratio gears are permitted, maximum 5/6-speed depending upon class.

Any Motorsport UK list 1A/1B/1C tyre.

There are 14 rounds in the 2022 season spread across seven 'double-header' race weekends.

Club membership is just £25 for 12 months, season registration is £135, and double-header weekend entry fees (qualifying and 2 x 15min races) are typically between £250 and £350 depending on the circuit. Eligible cars are available secondhand from just £5000.


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