MR2 Croft 2

MR2 Championship

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Sponsored by Yokohama
 Sponsored by Yokohama

'The UK's Most Affordable Mid-Engined Sports Car Racing'


A Mk1 1.6l 4AGE 122BHP
B Mk2 2.0l 3SGE 158BHP / 172BHP
C Mk3 (Roadster/MR-S) 1.8l 1ZZFE 138BHP


Engines may only be prepared within the specifications laid down in Toyota's workshop manual. All engine internals must be standard or standard pattern parts and the factory ECU must be retained. Induction and exhaust systems are free (excluding manifolds).


Suspension is free but may not be adjustable, with the exception of anti-roll bars. Uprated dampers, lowered springs and polyurethane bushes may be used.


Brake disks must remain standard or standard pattern while brake pad material is free. Braided brake hoses may be used and ABS systems where fitted as standard may be retained.


Standard gearbox, gear ratios and final drive must be retained. Factory limited slip differentials may only be used on class C cars as these were standard equipment. No other class may use an LSD.


Wheels must be standard diameter, width and offset for each class of vehicle.


There are 16 rounds in the 2018 season, spread across eight double-header race weekends.


Club membership is just £25 for 12 months, season registration is £130, and double-header weekend entry fees (qualifying and 2 x 15min races) are typically between £245 and £345 depending on the circuit. Eligible cars are available secondhand from just £4000.