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Clio 377

Clio Sport Championship

A tightly controlled championship for the Mk2 RenaultSport Clio 182 'Cup' and - new for 2022 - the 197/200 chassis models. Aimed at drivers looking for tightly controlled and excellent value FWD tin-top racing. Regulation compliant cars can be built for as little as £8k with very little modification from production specification.

Full 197/200 details and draft regulations will be available shortly - Contact Us for any questions or more information. 

Standard engines for both platforms, both with K-Tec Racing control series ECU.

Control K-Tec Racing coilovers, geometry within regulation limits.

Yokohama control tyres (limited per season to reduce costs).

Discs may be standard or standard pattern and be of standard diameter and thickness. Racing pad material.

Standard gearbox must be retained. Standard gearbox ratios must be retained. 

Six-point bolt in rollcage only. 

Club membership is just £25 for 12 months, season registration is £135, and double-header weekend entry fees (qualifying and 2 x 15min races) are typically between £250 and £350 depending on the circuit. Eligible cars are available secondhand from just £6000.

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