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Start Racing

Want to start racing? It's a lot easier than you might think!

Go Racing? - How?

It's a lot easier than you might think.

  1. 1. Get a Race Licence
  2. 2. Join the 750 Motor Club
  3. 3. Register for a championship or series

1. Get a Race Licence - issued by the Motor Sports Association (MSA):

Apply to the MSA for a Go Racing Pack - this will include a Race Licence Application Form, a Medical Form to be completed by your GP and a useful DVD/video outlining some of the things you will come across in your ARDS course

What is an ARDS Course?

The Association of Racing Driving Schools, which are situated at most of the race circuits in the UK, run one-day courses which include theory tests of your basic knowledge of motor sport (flag signals for example) and a practical 'test' of your ability to drive safely around a circuit.

On the assumption that you pass your ARDS course and your GP (or another Doctor) is happy with your physical condition, you can then apply to the MSA for your National B Race Licence. When you get your licence, you will also get a printed copy of the MSA Year Book (commonly called the Blue Book), although you can find the 2016 version online here. This contains all the General Regulations of the MSA some of which, like section [C (c)] – Safety, is essential reading; whereas other sections will send you to sleep at night.

Apply to the MSA for a Go Racing Pack.

2. Join the 750 Motor Club:

The 750 Motor Club membership provides you with a number of different benefits including a full year's race programme, a network of Regional Club Centres, free monthly Club magazine and lots more.

Register online or download a membership form.

3. Register for a Championship/Race Series:

Choose your Championship or Series. Read the regulations and register online.

Other Considerations

  • You will be required to have the correct safety clothing (overalls, gloves, FHR, helmet), and bear in mind that the standards for these are reviewed each year. It's probably advisable to wait until you have your copy of the current 'Blue Book' before committing to the expense; it also ensures that you are not sold something which is not eligible in car racing – helmets are a prime example.
  • More information about FHRs and suppliers can be found on our Useful Links page.
  • Consult the Blue Book and your chosen formula regulations for more information, but car safety equipment will include an electrical cut-off switch, plumbed-in fire extinguisher (with up-to-date service stamp), roll cage (unless integral), tow straps/eyes, a race harness (in date) and race seat.
  • You will need a race transponder fitted to your car - more details can be found on our Useful Links page.
  • If working on cars isn't your cup of tea then there are various teams, individuals and companies working in and around 750MC formulae who will be able to provide support - from help on race weekends to complete 'arrive and drive' packages. Please contact the 750 Motor Club office to find out more information. 

Your Car(s)

  • The fun part. Perhaps you already have a track day car that you have gradually converted to race specification, but if not there are two main options. You could either build a car to regulations, whether from scratch (as has always been popular in championships such as 750 Formula), or by converting a road car with bolt-on upgrades (such as our Clio 182 Championship). Alternatively, there are always plenty of race cars available for sale secondhand, and the 750 Motor Club have a formula to accomodate just about everything. The first port of call is the our own website classifieds, with other external options including Paddock42.com, Race Demand, Race Cars Direct, Motorsport Ads and even eBay.co.uk.
  • Don't forget that race cars don't tend to make very good road cars, so you will need to budget for a trailer and make sure that you have a suitable car/motorhome/van with which to tow it. All of the above motorsport classifieds sites are a good source of secondhand equipment. 

Costs (for 2018, approx):

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