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Locost 377

Locost Championship

Locost offers some of the closest racing in UK motorsport, and largest grids. The extremely affordable cars are built to the design set out in Ron Champion’s book 'Build Your Own Sports Car' (ISBN 1-85960-636-9).



Ford Xflow 1300; modifications are limited to a + 0.090” rebore and basic ‘blue-printing’. Induction is the 1300GT carburettor or similar, but exhaust is free.


Modifications are limited to choice of spring-rates, single-adjustable dampers and free choice of anti-roll bars.


Front is standard non-ventilated discs and caliper, rear is standard drums, both from Cortina, Escort or Capri; choice of friction material is free.


4-speed Escort or 4/5-speed Sierra Type 9 gearbox; standard ratios. Final drive ratio is free; no LSD or similar.


The only permitted tyre is the Yokohama A539 in 185/60/13.


There are typically 14 rounds season spread across six race weekends - a mixture of double and triple-headers to maximise value for money.


Club racing membership is just £95 for 12 months, season registration is £140, and entry fees are typically between £340 and £400 depending on the circuit and whether double or triple-header. Eligible cars are available secondhand from just £5000.

New to Locost Racing?

Download the Locost Novice Pack here - compiled over the years by competitors, it includes various helpful sections covering everything from technical build and setup, to race meeting procedure.


For all enquiries, contact: Giles at 750 Motor Club.



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