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Alfa Romeo Championship


Now in its 43rd consecutive season, the Alfa Romeo Championship places great value on its distinguished racing heritage but is also a forward looking formula, constantly moving with the times to ensure close, exciting and high quality racing for drivers and spectators alike. 


The championship also thrives on variety in contrast to most one-make formulae, with more than 10 different models of Alfa Romeo currently racing, in addition to welcoming Fiat, Abarth and Lancia models in two of the classes. As a friendly and supportive championship, the paddock welcomes new and experienced drivers alike and is proud to have had two female champions in recent years.

The Alfas are a racing community, helping and respecting other competitors and promoting clean, close exciting racing, so if you are looking to race an iconic marque in this kind of environment you need look no further. Racing an Alfa is also one of the most affordable ways to go racing, with build costs being relatively modest as are the prices of competitive models available for sale.


Modified - Unlimited capacity production-based Alfa Romeos, Fiats and Lancias racing on slick tyres, including supercharged and turbocharged cars, with sequential gearboxes also permitted.

V6 - The V6 Class was established to encourage more V6-powered Alfa Romeos into the championship. A detailed technical specification has been developed for the cars' eligibility to restrict costs and facilitate close racing.

Power Trophy - Permits many modifications to standard but cars run to a maximum power-to-weight formula. Models from Fiat and Lancia are eligible as well as Alfa Romeo.

Twin Spark Cup - This is a standard production class for Alfa Romeos that use the 2000cc 16v Twin Spark engine, racing on Yokohama AO48 control tyres.


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