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Surplus of Marshals for 750 Motor Club Events

Surplus of Marshals for 750MC Events.....

Now I have your attention with the amazing headline, I can tell you that the concept of having too many marshals is impossible! But we can hope, and maybe we can get you to help get near to the first dream.

The RAC marshals grading scheme has been operating in a low key way for a few years now, but it will soon become mandatory to be registered and, although we will always be able to use casual helpers, there is no doubt that some people will give up marshalling as a result of the extra bureaucracy. I know we can never get to the manning levels obtained for Touring Cars or other big meetings, and the clubs like the BRSCC and BARC are always able to get more bodies because they have significant numbers of events at each circuit to get a regular core of supporters. With one or two meetings a year at each circuit, we have to try to borrow from these other clubs to supplement our core of dedicated marshals who travel significant distances to support the club. But it is still not enough so we need your help.

The RAC have opened the door to assist us, by allowing a signature to be given by the Clerk of the Course to drivers who do a days marshalling so let's start with the drivers. If your car's out of action, or your formula/group is not included at a meeting, why not volunteer for marshalling? You can see first hand what the problems are on the bank, make some suggestions to the guys about how drivers can be supported better, and make friends with the people that you may have to stand next to, the next time you spin or break down. All this and a signature too!

And what about your friends? I know that when they find out that you race, they are impressed and you invite them to come and watch you some time. Wouldn't it be an extra inducement if you said "I might be able to get you in to marshal"? Well, its worth a try.

What about those of you who already marshal? Why not try and encourage some friends to come and try? The 750MC is a good place to start marshalling, as it's not quite so formal regarding rules and dress, and the racing is better than you will get anywhere else. I've lost count of the number of times last year that a marshal from another club who has just completed his first 750 meeting has come up to me to say that we run the slickest day and the fullest grids that they have seen for some time.Finally I will appeal for support from those who have never come to a race meeting. Try it once and see if you like it. I did.

In 1971 I went to my first meeting at Snetterton for 750MC having never been to a race circuit in my life and it has turned into my biggest hobby. It may not work for you but give it one try.

So, if you take up my challenge, what will be expected of you? Well, as a "novice" you will normally go to a post and be put in the care of some experienced marshals. They will show you the ropes during the day, and duties will include pushing cars, sweeping, and getting instruction about what to look for. You may also learn some new words from the friendly drivers who stop to talk to you after mechanical failure! If working out on the circuit doesn't appeal, there are other jobs including assembly, pit, telephone, start line, and I also believe that in some areas we would like some scrutineers. If you would like to volunteer for marshalling, the first thing to do is to call Peter Harding, the 750MC marshals co-ordinator. He will send you an availability form and then put you in touch with the club's chief marshal.

From an article by Pete Harding first published in the Bulletin - April 1998

The 750 Motor Club Marshals' Co-ordinator is:

Peter Harding
57 Winstree Road

Tel: 01206 502064
Mobile 07802 505588

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