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Cyana Mx500r Sport Specials Class A

Sat 11 Nov 2017

Name: Dave Roberts


Phone:01482 631260

Location: Hull, East Yorks

Price: £7995ono

Cyana MX500R race car
Sport Specials Class A

Duratec 2000 cc
225 bhp
Jenvey Throttle Bodies
Omex ECU
BGH Gearbox
Originally built and raced by Rob Johnston with an 1800 Zetec E engine. Converted to Duratec before the 2012 season and had some race wins to its credit in Rob’s hands in 2012 and 2013. I bought the car as a rolling chassis at the end of 2013.
Fitted in 2014 with a Duratec from TBR Racing to the then Class A specification which involved 750MC mandated camshafts to the standard Ford profile (scrutineers could then check the Kent marking to ensure compliance). At this point with the Jenvey bodies and electronic management the power was 200 bhp.
In 2016 I ran in the old Class A but everyone else moved to the new 340 bhp per tonne power to weight class.
In 2017 the old Class A died out and the 340 bhp power to weight class was designated as Class A. Have you kept up so far??!!!
At this point ie before the start of 2017 season I asked Tom Bell (TBR Racing) to upgrade the engine and it was modified to achieve 225 bhp which with the weight of the car and driver meets the class requirement. If you weigh much less than 95 kilos you will have to put some ballast in or eat some more pies!
Results this season have been less than what I was hoping for; I seem to have lost some commitment as a driver, not quite sure why. There is no reason as far as I know why the car cannot be competitive with the right driver. We had quite a promising showing at Silverstone earlier in the year so the potential exists.
Ring 01482 631260 or ring/text 0794 3377347.
Email is My name is Dave Roberts.
Any questions/queries welcome. Viewing encouraged.
Car is as it finished the last race of 2017 at Snetterton. I am not in the business of swapping parts off it to sell. (Finished racing so no motive to 'keep the best bits' even if I was that sort of person.)
Having said that some bits are not brand new eg tyres, discs & pads etc. Full details on request.
Available to view near Hull, East Yorkshire any day of the week.
For sale with some spares eg wet tyres available etc. Full spec on request. Asking price is less than the sum of its parts.

£ 7995ono

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