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Darvi Mk5 750 Formula Race Car

Mon 25 Apr 2022

Name: Darryl Beckwith



Location: Buckinghamshire

Price: 8999.00

A very rare opportunity to purchase a Darvi MK5

This car was most recently raced by Colin Wolstenholme. He had the car extensively re-engineered by Tony Southgate (designer of Le Mans Jaguar XJR9), at absolutely unbelievable cost.

The car was modified with following modifications:
- Inboard push-rod suspension
- Complete air craft quality rose joints
- Additional chassis strengthening
- Completely new designed bodywork
- Engine tilted over to allow lower and more streamlined bodywork
- Dry sump system fitted
Works undertaken in my ownership:
- Complete engine rebuild to extremely high standard by KWR Engineering – this cost ca. £3,000
- Complete new molds made for nose cone and side pods, as these are unique – cost £2,500
Spares with car – too much to list but the main points are:
- All diff ratios you will ever need – all have been rebuilt
- Brand new unused set of wet tyres (MB split rimmed wheels)
- Slicks that have done approx. 20 laps (MB split rimmed wheels)
- Spare heads, blocks, etc
- Various jigs for making suspension parts
- 2 new nose cones
- 4 new side pods
Plus copious amounts of paperwork and correspondence between Colin and Tony.