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H750f Race Car & Spares Package: Class C

Sun 30 Aug 2020

Name: Lyndon Thruston




Price: 5,500 (plus 600 transport to Dover)

This could be a superb way to join H750F, a complete race car with spares package. A choice of diffs, spare wheels, engine block and gearboxes

Race car

Could be made eligible for Class C in H750F
In complete running condition. Recently used around a local kart track

Spare parts

- New wet tyres (not compliant to H750F)
- Second engine block
- Cylinder head. Many small parts.
- Water radiator, oil radiator.
- Set of 13" rims with worn Avon slick tyres.
- Gearboxes: one competition, close ratio gearbox and 3 standard gearboxes.
- 7 Nowog diferentials: 9/38, 8/43, 8/41, 8/39, 9/41S, 9/41, 8/? (4.22).

In Poland, delivery to Dover available.