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Huge Radical Clubsport Spares Package

Sun 14 Jan 2018

Name: Laurence Larrive Larrive

Email: L.Larrive@btinternet.com

Phone:07799 530 755

Location: Hampshire

Price: £4,000

This collection of spares was amassed partly as spares for my “Best Remaining Radical Clubsport” (which is also up for sale - see dedicated advert), but also as a supply of parts for a planned, but still-born high-downforce car to launch a comeback to Bikesports – the road to failure is paved not only with good intentions but also with spiralling running costs!

Anyway, I’ve reluctantly decided to sell both car and spares package.

The buyer of the car will be given first refusal on the spares package, which I would prefer to sell complete. If the buyer of the car declines any or all of the spares, I will split the package and sell in smaller lots if there’s sufficient interest.

If you would like further photos or a spreadsheet listing with a breakdown of guide prices, I’ll be happy to email the required information.

Lot 1: BODYWORK & AERO (lot guide price £2165)
Blue body work (RAL 5020 - Ultramine Blue) comprising front section, rear section, side pods, rear gurney, headlamp covers, new SPA mirrors, front splitter, side skirts and all body clips, all in good servicable condition and ready to fit.
Side pods, pair, fresh blue paint (RAL 5020 - Ultramarine), c/w side skirts.
Rear diffuser undertray, SR4 pattern, c/w mounting beam and top-hat brackets.
Side splitters, pair, black, unused and undrilled.
Rear body support frame.
Front Splitter, blue, early Clubsport flat pattern. Used but good.
Front Splitter, blue, Prosport pattern with wide flip-ups, new, unused and undrilled.
Crash box (PR6 style), new, unused and undrilled.
Brake duct inlets, 2 pairs.
Original lighting kit (front bagged, rear fitted to blue body work).

Lot 2: MOULDS FOR BODYWORK & AERO (lot guide price £150)
Front splitter mould (Prosport pattern with wide flip-ups).
Front Splitter mould (original early Clubsport pattern without flip-ups).
Side splitter mould (one moulding produces a pair of splitters when cut in half along length).
Headlamp cover moulds.
Repair mould for front section body work (extends to rear of front wheel arch). Tatty-looking but serviceable.

Lot 3: COCKPIT COMPONENTS (lot guide price £210)
Seat, wide (380mm at hips, 400mm at thighs) - minor easy fibre-glass repair required, otherwise VGC.
Radical digital dash pod (rev counter, oil pressure, oil and water temperature).

Front upper wishbones, pair (unhanded, L or R), fresh powder coat.
Front lower wishbone (unhanded, L or R), fresh powder coat, c/w new bushes and spherical bearing.
Front upright assemblies, pair. Fully refurbished (powder coated, zinc plated hubs, new studs and best-quality wheel bearings)
Front upright assembly, R/H. Fully refurbished and equipped as described above.
Front upright assembly, L/H. Fresh powder coat, but no bearing or hub.
Front suspension rockers, pair, fresh powder coat, bare.
Front Nik-link, hard, fresh powder-coat, c/w bronze bushes and rod-end bearing.
Front Nik-link (fixed length), medium, fresh powder-coat, c/w bronze bushes.

Rear upper wishbones, pair, fresh powder coat.
Rear lower wishbones, pair, fresh powder coat, c/w new spherical bearings.
Rear upright assemblies, with caliper lugs pitched for 4-pot Wilwood callipers. Pair, c/w hubs and bearings. Used (not refurbished).
Rear upright assembly, R/H, with caliper lugs pitched for 4-pot Wilwood callipers. Bare (no bearing or hub). Used (not refurbished).
Lower pins for rear uprights, qty 8 (8.75" long 3/8" UNF ends).
Rear anti-roll bar, medium. Newly powder-coated and c/w new mounts.
Rear anti-roll bar, hard. Newly powder-coated and c/w new mounts.
Rear anti-roll bar, soft. Newly powder-coated and c/w new mounts.

Lot 6: TRANSMISSION, DAMPERS AND SPRINGS (lot guide price £580)
Full set of rear drive sprockets (46 tooth to 50 tooth) – all new or as new.
Drive shaft assembly, long (R/H). Fully refurbished with new balls grease and boots.
Drive shafts, 2 pairs (2 x long, 2 x short), bare, zinc plated.
CV joints, inboard, pair, new grease and balls.
CV joints, outboard, one, new grease, balls and boot.
Avo dampers, set of four. Unused since full rebuild including new rods, c/w springs.
Springs, pair, 8", 400lb (original Clubsport rear).

Lot 7: ENGINE BAY (lot guide price £770)
Keihin FCR39 flat slide carburettors (jetted and spaced for Kawasaki ZZR1100).
Dry sump tank, early Clubsport pattern, little used.
Radiator - condition unknown.
Alternator (standard ZZR1100).

Lot 8: WHEELS AND TYRES (lot guide price £430)
Image 6.5” x 13” front wheels, pair (assembled with reversed “Hi-Lok” fasteners), unused since full refurbishment, c/w Dunlop slicks (175/535/R13).
Ally Cat 8" x 13" rear wheels, pair, unused since full refurbishment, c/w Dunlop slicks (205/570/R13).
Set unmounted Dunlop wets (fronts 175/535/R13, rears 205/570/R13), little-used but old.

Lot 9: ENGINES (lot guide price £530)
Powertec ZZR1100 Engine – complete, needs refresh.
Big-bore engine (no clutch or gearbox) – condition unknown, needs rebuild.
Standard ZZR1100 Engine – largely complete, condition unknown, for donor parts.
Workshop engine support frames, 2.