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Lap Record Holding Locost

Thu 24 Oct 2019

Name: Karl Ruijsenaars




Price: £6000

Lap record holding (Pembrey 2018) and race winning (Donington 2019) chassis.

Freshly serviced protech dampers all round (to TSR spec).

Set of spare wheels.

Refreshed engine 2 rounds old, with Dyno graphs to show power output.

Would sell as chassis only for anyone wanting to join the Ma7da grid for next year.

Blue livery not for sale - it will be returning to the matte black, orange and white that I ran in my first year (see pic), freshly painted and ready for collection by December.

I have raced this car for 3 seasons, have loads of on-board videos of it, so please contact me if you wish to see how the engine pulls or the car handles.