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Mgf Vvc Race Car

Mon 15 Nov 2021

Name: Ian Deaves



Location: Lichfield

Price: £5,000

I have decided to sell my MGF VVC race car. It was converted from a road going MGF VVC in 2006 and raced in the MGOC series from 2007 onwards as a front running and race winning car. Raced sporadically from 2009 to until 2016
From 2016 to 2018 it has been raced in the MGCC Cockshoot cup, again being a front running car in this series.
In 2017 a MEMS3 conversion was carried out and the mems3 ecu was purchased from Kmaps specifically for the race car series.
Over the last couple of years I have raced it in the 750MC Roadsports series for some fun and longer track time.
The car is still to the Cockshoot Cup specs for 2021 but may require additional ballast depending on the driver.
The car may require updating to conform to the current MGOC regulations.
It has a new fire extinguisher system fitted and is due a service in April 2023. The harness will need to be replaced for next year. Valid till the end of 2021. Currently fitted with Yokohama A048’s with some life left and a spare set of wheels with worn A048 fitted too.
The car is currently showing 88000 miles. I have the v5 in my name. It has been stored in a warm dry garage since I bought it in 2006.
There are some battle scars on the car.
Comprehensive spares package including hubs, brake callipers, half shafts etc.