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Successful Ma7da Race Car And Trailer

Mon 16 May 2022

Name: Lee Dolby


Phone:01572 495040


Price: 12500

It is a sad time, but it is time for me to hang up my racing boots. This is possibly the first purpose-built race car for the 750 Motor Club Ma7da series. The idea behind the series was to create a progression class from the extremely successful Locost racing series. The Ma7da races cars are running the 1.8 Mazda VVT engine from the MK2/2.5 MX5 with some controlled parts thus making the racing as competitive as possible whilst keeping the budged low.

There are many cars on the grid that are modified Locost race cars but this one is one of (if not the first) purpose-built cars for the series. Due to the build of the car, it is also eligible for other series too if you want to spread your wings a little, or if you just want a fast and fantastically handling track car then this is it.

In its last full year of racing, it crossed the line 2nd, 2nd, 3rd, 2nd, 2nd, 2nd with (and i hate to say it) an average driver - This really is a great race car. The car was fully prepped before being stored away ready for the season to start again but then Covid put a stop to the racing.

The race support team (TMC Race Engineering) have stated that this is the best car they have ever had on the scales with near perfect weight distribution in ready to race trim.

Pictures of the trailer can be sent if requested.

If you have any questions, then please ask away.

** Added info**

I have had a lot of questions regarding the car and if it is ready to go in terms of racing. The answer is yes, it was prepped before being stored. It will come with the wired in transponder. This is the non-subscription type that is now hard to come by and when you can find them are selling for silly money. The extinguisher is fully prepped and in date as are the harnesses. The seat was moulded for me (super lightweight) and as such whoever buys this will want to have their own moulded or replace with a fixed seat.