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2014 Draft Formula Vee Regulations Available

Fri 08 Nov 2013

The 2014 Draft Formula Vee Regulations are now available to view/download here
The main change for 2014 is removal of programmable ignition systems from the technical regulations.
Formula Vee has existed for the majority of its lifespan without such complicated electronic systems and it has been decided that a return to simpler ignition systems will make the formula more accessible, create amore level  playing field and help reduce the perception that the formula is no longer affordable clubman motorsport.

Other changes include a slight tweaking of the weight limit so as not to penalise drivers using the heavier aluminium crankcases that are a cheaper alternative to the original magnesium ones, and the tidying up of some of the wording of the regulations surrounding induction systems etc.

All changes are highlighted in red.

The calendar will remain at 7 x Double Header race meetings in 2014, and we will be publishing the full calendar within the next 7-10 days.