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750MC TV coverage in 2010

Sat 13 Feb 2010

The board of directors of our club has often been asked why our races have not featured on TV especially when our races are quite busy and entertaining. The short answer to this has always been that races that are televised have to pay for the production since TV channels will only pay for the international levels of motorsport.  You will probably have seen that other national racing that is televised, charges much more for championship registration and race entry fees and this is how the cost is generally recovered. However, late in 2009 this subject was discussed by the board again and it was felt that the club’s championships needed the wider promotion that TV can provide and the trial coverage from Snetterton was the result. The feed back since then has been very positive and the board gave the approval for more extensive coverage in 2010 based upon the following premises.


  • The cost of the 16 hours of TV in 2010 would be funded from reserves.
  • Some additional sponsorship of Chamionships would be sought to help offset the cost.
  • Some more entry fees would result from retention of existing competitors and gains from other club formulae.

The board also hopes that our competitors will find some more personal sponsorship from this increased coverage as well as the kudos of being a TV star. As everyone knows, sponsorship is not easily gained and you may know of a potential sponsor for your championship. If you do contact me via the details at the end of this article and I will try to coordinate the clubs efforts.  

The dates for TV filming this year are as follows;

March 14                             Snetterton

April 25                                 Brands Hatch

June 20                                 Brands Hatch

July 11                                   Cadwell Park

August 29                            Silverstone

September 19                   Snetterton

October 2                            Oulton Park

October 17                          Mallory Park

Each of these days will be edited into 2 one-hour shows to be broadcast on Motors TV and possibly others such as Channel 5.

 Details of scheduled broadcast times are on AMG’s website at


AMG will also sell DVDs of the televised races and there is an online TV viewer for you to watch programs in the 2 weeks after transmission.

 The broadcast schedules are also on Motors TV’s site at;


This website will also have a page of news and features on our racing which is being fed by contacts in our own formulae. I have some contributors but could do with some more so please contact me if you can help.