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An invitation to celebrate at Cheshunt

Wed 01 Apr 2015

2015 is an important anniversary year for Team Lotus. 50 years ago Team Lotus and Jim Clark won an historic victory at the Indianapolis 500 on May 31st 1965. Not only that , Team Lotus also not just won, but totally dominated, the 1965 F1 World Championship with Jim Clark becoming F1 World Champion for the 2nd time.

All that, and many more racing victories, were achieved from the Lotus factory at Delamare Road Cheshunt. Currently there is no recognition at the Lotus Cheshunt factory site of all that Team Lotus achieved there - or even of it being the home of three of Lotus's best road cars, the Elite, Elan and Lotus Cortina.

So, as Lotus enthusiasts, Malcolm Ricketts of the Historic Lotus Register plus David Morgan and Tony Scales of the 750 Club are arranging to place a plaque celebrating the 1965 Indy 500 win on the factory wall at Delamare Rd. on Sunday May 31st.

As you may know the Team Lotus/Components building is now the Monster Gym. However the owner of the Gym is very much aware of Lotus history and is delighted to accommodate the plaque. He has agreed to clear all the parking space in front of the building for the dedication ceremony.

Clive Chapman has very kindly approved the plaque on behalf of his family and Classic Team Lotus and he has agreed to unveil the plaque accompanied by members of the 1965 Indy 500 race team.

Not only is May 31st the exact day of Jim Clark's victory but being a Sunday here will be little traffic and no parking restrictions in Delamare Rd.

As many as 20 ex Team lotus and Cheshunt factory staff are coming for the event and we will have an Indy Lotus 38 on display to remind everybody of what Lotus achieved at Cheshunt.

We would love to have as many Lotus enthusiasts as possible to come along for the ceremony at 2:30 pm at Delamare Rd. We would also like to have examples of the Lotuses built at Cheshunt so as to recognize the achievements of the road car factory staff as well. So if you have an Elite, Elan, Lotus Cortina, Seven or another road Lotus built at Cheshunt please bring it along.

Drinks and snacks will be available in the Monster Gym cafe.

So we would be very pleased to hear from any Lotus enthustiasts who would like to come along on May 31st. Please email - or 01442 254 783 if you are interested, or need more information.

Malcolm Ricketts, David Morgan and Tony Scales