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Austin Seven Championship 2015

Mon 25 Jan 2016

In 2015, the Austin Seven Championship was made up of 23 events from four main Centres – Tunbridge Wells, North Herts, Brooklands and Western plus the National Rally at Beaulieu and the Austin Parade at the Summer Festival at Silverstone, both being organised by the Austin Activities Committee through head office at Donington.

The Challenge Plate this year is awarded to Colin Cooke, who entered in eight events and won by just six points. Colin is a great believer in using his Box Saloon on a regular and often daily basis and racks up the miles each year. I would not be surprised to hear that he has again won the North Herts award for the greatest mileage driven in an Austin in 12 months.

No Championship list would be complete without Ken Cooke featuring in the winners. This year he came second to his son Colin, winning the Bert Newman Plate, only because Ken entered one less event. I think after all the years of support Ken has given to the 750 Motor Club, he and Eileen deserve a well-earned rest!

Third in the Championship and winning the Newman Motors Plate is Sue Perkins in her beautiful Mulliner Sports – and as the highest placed lady she also wins the Ladies Award. Well done Sue – if there was an award for the ‘Car the organiser most wanted to take home’ then it would be yours.

The Vintage Award goes to Geoff Cox in his Austin 10/4 Saloon which appeared in four events this year. It is interesting to note that Geoff also entered six events in his Austin 7 Saloon, making a total of 10 events over the year. Well done Geoff for being such a great supporter of the Championship as well as an enthusiastic member of the Tunbridge Wells Centre.

The Also Ran award this year goes to Steve Bradford-Best in his beautiful and well-sorted Nippy. Always a pleasure to see him at Austin events.

The Austin Championship events are always fun, and provide the Austin community with many varied and eclectic events – from a quiet pootle around the country lanes followed by a pub lunch to the week-long events like the Yorkshire Experience: from a weekend at Beaulieu to speeding (and I use that word advisedly!) around the circuit at Silverstone: maybe even try your Austin out at a trials event - there is something in the Calendar to suit most ‘Austineers’ - and the company you will find yourself in is always welcoming. If you haven’t tried before, now is your chance! I look forward to meeting up with you at a Championship event sometime in 2016.

Gill Davis

Heritage Director

750 Motor Club