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Bill Boddy Tribute Day

Wed 24 Aug 2011

Bill Boddy Tribute Day - Brooklands Museum

A celebration of the life and times of Bill Boddy – the man who ‘saved’ Brooklands.

The unique influence that the late Bill Boddy MBE (“WB”) had on motoring and motorsport stretches for more than eight decades and will be celebrated with Bill Boddy Tribute Day at Brooklands Museum on 1st October.

Themed ‘Motor Sport magazine and Brooklands Museum celebrate the life of a motoring legend’, the event is being organised by Clive Richardson and Gordon Cruickshank, both Deputy Editors to WB during his 55-year reign as Motor Sport’s Editor, current Editor Damien Smith, and the Brooklands Museum Trust.

Brooklands was the spiritual home of WB, the undisputed authority on the Surrey Track, the world’s first purpose-built Motor Racing Circuit, and the day will encapsulate as many aspects of the Track and his relationship to it as possible. A display of Brooklands cars in the Paddock and in demonstrations will include the Museum’s 24-litre Napier-Railton, the outright Brooklands Outer Circuit Lap Record Holder. The organisers hope to re-enact a Brooklands start on the original Finishing Straight, and runs on the test Hill and banking, as a part of the activities.

With co-operation expected from organisations including the Vintage Sports Car Club, the 750Motor Club, the Sunbeam Talbot Darracq Register and the Brooklands Society – all owing their existence to WB’s inspiration – a major display of pre-war cars is expected. Many of them will owe their salvation to WB’s passion for old cars, communicated eruditely through the pages of Motor Sport spanning some 81 years until this September’s issue.

Motoring journalist and renowned expert on competition cars Doug Nye is organising the attendance of post-war racing cars, including examples of front-engined F1 cars from the period when WB, accompanied by the late Denis Jenkinson as Continental Correspondent, reported on GPs. Personalities from that era are expected, too, with Tony Brooks, a GP winner for Vanwall and Ferrari, already confirmed. Road cars that WB drove and favoured will be featured, from the mundane, like the Volkswagen Beetle, to the sublime, like the Mercedes 300SL Gullwing.

Reflecting Bill’s aviation interests, the Museum plans to have its partially restored Hurricane – an aircraft type for which he wrote technical manuals during his wartime service with the Ministry of Aircraft Production – wheeled out for display.

Visitors to the Museum paying normal admission prices will have the bonus of seeing the cars on display and in action as well as access to the exhibits. Special passes will be issued for Press, VIP guests and selected participants. Motor Sport readers who register in advance will qualify for a discounted entry by e-mailing the magazine directly at info@motorsportmagazine.co.uk . Details will be sent to them by return.

Updated information about the event will be available at: www.motorsportmagazine.com or www.brooklandsmuseum.com

Clive Richardson can be contacted at: clive@cliverichardson.com t: 01962 736466 mob: 07802 167169.

For press and media enquiries, contact Paul Stewart on 01932 857381 ext 249 or e-mail: paulstewart@brooklandsmuseum.com - ENDS -