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P1 Sim Racer at Donington

Thu 13 Mar 2014

The P1 Sim Racer will at Donington on 29/30th March to give competitors and the public the opportunity to practice the track or have a bit of fun with friends.

Patrick Holmes, of P1SR explains about the concept, "The P1 Sim Racer was set up in March 2012 and has been providing the public with a challenging simulator experience, using the latest software and hardware to take people on a motorsport journey which features cars from minis to Ferraris, go karts to F1. We also feature all major circuits around the world in current and historic layouts, needless to say we cater for all sectors of motorsport.

"P1 has worked extensively over the past two years doing private parties, corporate and trade functions and with the general public offering our ever popular Fastest lap challenge.
Some of you may have seen us at previous events at Donington in particular and will have an idea of what we provide. However this year we are teaming up with The 750 Motor Club to provide more of the same at Donington and where possible other circuits around the Uk. The idea is to provide entertainment for the public during the day and then provide an evening's fun for the 750 Motor Club members.

"We are also looking to provide a simulation service that will be aimed at the semi/pro driver as we know that track time can be costly both with fixed and variable costs, it only takes a bit of late braking at Redgate, Coppice etc and your day's done. With the addition of telemetry software we will be available at certain events for hire on an hourly basis to members that would like to take advantage of this.

"Our first event working with the 750 Motor Club will be at Donington March 29th/30th where we will be present throughout the day and into the Saturday evening for the 75th Anniversary celebrations. We look forward to meeting and working with you all at the 750 Motor Club"