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Silverstone Classic 2011

Mon 29 Nov 2010


Help needed.
Last year’s Silverstone Classic Meeting was the first at which the club had a presence for a number of years and was, by all accounts, considered a success.
We have been invited to hold a stand at the 2011 show which spans the dates 22nd to 24th July 2011.
Unfortunately, the 2011 event clashes with the ‘Yorkshire Experience’ and many of those who helped make the 2010 event a success will be unavailable this year.
I would very much like the club to be able to hold a stand at the 2011 meeting and to display more cars with a wider variety of models, but can only do so if there are enough people willing and able to provide cars and to man the stand for the three days.
Before accepting the invitation to attend, I thought I would e-mail you all to see if there would be enough support within the A7 community of people willing to bring their cars for the three days and also volunteers to man the stand. Judging from last year’s event if we can achieve a rota of 10 people per day there is plenty of time for people to do their stint and then go off and enjoy the show.
At this stage all I am looking for is to see whether there is enough serious, but not binding, commitment to enable us to take a stand at the Silverstone Classics next July. So if you think you would either like to display your car or help man the stand please let me know. We can’t wave the club flag without your help.
Paul Chalk
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