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The 750 Race Rescue Unit - Extraction Training

Wed 04 Mar 2015

At every race, hidden on a corner of the circuit, is part of the volunteer marshal team known as the 750 Race Rescue Unit.  Training and MSA Licensing for the team mean they must attend a minimum of 2 training days a year and be re-examined every three years.
So off season they branched out to test their procedures against some of the best in the country and get advanced techniques from full-time professionals.  This meant a training day with Essex Fire and Rescue service and two days with Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service.
In December Andy Bumstead and Brendan Murphy spent a day with Essex Fire and Rescue “UKRO” specialist team.  UKRO is the competitive element of rescue services work, where specialist teams from rescue services across the country and rest of Europe compete to hone their skills and share best practice.
In January crew chief Simon Chapman, Andy and Brendan all took annual leave to head off to Southampton and join the first specialist vehicle extrication course ran by Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service. Other delegates were training officers and senior staff from other services including West Midlands, Lincolnshire and Kent; the boys were in the deep end now! 
Specially selecting two frosty, sleety days to practise techniques like dash rolls, clam shells, wing pinches and gull wings was great experience. Not only did the team practise techniques, but they got to use some of the latest technology in tools such as battery powered cutters and spreaders worked with tools from different manufacturers and worked alongside some of the best vehicle extrication technicians in the country.
Lots of our marshals will be training in January and February at circuits across the UK, from new joiners to old hands and specialists like the Race Rescue Unit. So give them a wave as you drive past. Or if you want to find out more contact Pete Harding, Chief Marshal. (And you could get a signature on your race license).