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  • Latest Motors TV listings

    Thu 30 Sep 2010

    Latest Motors TV listings for 750MC [More]

  • Latest Motors TV listings

    Thu 30 Sep 2010

    Latest Motors TV listings for 750MC [More]

  • Beaulieu 2010

    Fri 06 Aug 2010

    The National Austin Seven Rally at Beaulieu for 2010 reverts to it's first Sunday in July date - namely the 4th of July. [More]

  • Making my Marque DVD

    Fri 14 May 2010

    This recently released DVD features a lengthy interview with Jem Marsh, the founder (with Frank Costin), of Marcos. It contains a substantial amount of archive photography from Jem's personal collection as well as archive film footage from the 1960s and coverage of last year's 50th Anniversary celebrations at Sudeley Castle and Prescott. The history of Marcos is one which intersects throughout with that of the 750 Motor Club and is likely to be of interest to club members. The DVD is available here. [More]

  • If winning is everything then talk to Grand Prix Dynamics

    Thu 04 Mar 2010

    Grand Prix Dynamics is an International race engineering and vehicle dynamics consultancy, with specific expertise in damping. They offer the following services.. [More]

  • 750MC TV coverage in 2010

    Sat 13 Feb 2010

    The board of directors of our club has often been asked why our races have not featured on TV especially when our races are quite busy and entertaining. [More]

  • Sporting Trials Season has Started

    Mon 08 Feb 2010

    The event list has been updated for the 2010 seaon which started on 24-01-2010. [More]

  • Snetterton 2009 ONLINE

    Tue 19 Jan 2010


  • Saxmax Champion gets FVee drive

    Thu 07 Jan 2010


  • 2010 = TV for 750 Motor Club

    Mon 28 Dec 2009

    For the 2010 season the 750 Motor Club have committed to regular televised coverage of all our Championships to provide increased benefits for our members. [More]

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